Lemaitre - 1749 EP

A few words on Lemaitre’s most recent EP, 1749. If you’re looking for some refreshing electronic music, this is for you.

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Alternative electronic duo ANIMA! recently released their self-titled, debut LP. We reviewed it. Click the link below for analysis of their wonderful first effort.

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MOTHXR – She Can’t Tell



If the image of the early-90s workout mom wasn’t enough to pique your interest, maybe a promise of secrecy, pain, and deception hidden under a veneer of funky basslines and gentle vocals will.

That’s what we’ve got on “She Can’t Tell”, the latest release from Brooklyn collective, MOTHXR. Taken from the group’s forthcoming album, Centerfold, “She Can’t Tell” tackles the difficulty of not wanting to confront the truth in a delightful bit of downtempo pop.

It’s not an easy feat, but MOTHXR have actually made playing with people’s emotions and keeping secrets sound good. We’ll try our best not to indulge.


Lemaitre – 1749 EP



When we first started thatbeatjuice back in 2013, Lemaitre’s Relativity 3 EP was about to drop. “Continuum” had worked its way into the daily rotation, “Cut To Black” would become a fast favorite, and in our eyes, nobody was better than Lemaitre. Three years later, the Norwegian duo are at the top of their game, producing high-quality electro-pop with the best of them and giving us even more reason to rave.

The latest installment from Ulrik Denizou Lund and Ketil Jansen is the 5-track 1749 EP, named after the LA address where the two bandmates now live/hone their craft. Filled with the horns, piano, and glitchy synth-work that have made their brand of electronic music so enjoyable, 1749 is arguably Lemaitre’s most complete release to date. The Daft Punk, Phoenix, and Röyksopp influences haven’t gone anywhere — never forget where you came from! — but this extended player exudes a level of confidence and comfort that we haven’t seen in Lemaitre’s previous work.

Maybe it’s the increase in collaboration (Mark Johns, Jennie A, and Giraffage all make appearances), maybe it’s another year of experience, maybe it’s just a killer 5-song compilation and I’m overthinking it. Regardless, one thing comes across loud and clear: Lund and Jansen know what they want out of every track. Melodies from Mark Johns on “Stepping Stone”? Done. Finding a perfect vocal match for the horns on “Closer”? Welcome to the show, Jennie A. Injecting a sprightly, uplifting feel in “Day Two”? Got it. It’s attention to detail. Meticulousness. The little things. All combined in a carefully measured recipe, parts disco, electro, jazz, and pop

1749 shows Lemaitre coming into their own and the timing could be just right. Of course, one never knows when success will hit and tastes remain arbitrary, but in a music world filled with over-recycled sounds, Lemaitre’s infectious grooves continue to stand out. Is 1749 what causes the masses to take notice? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, we’re reminded yet again that Lemaitre provide a refreshing voice to the electronic discourse. We hope you agree.

Get your copy of 1749 here.


Kidnap Kid – Birds That Fly

kidnap kid


One of our Black Butter favorites, Kidnap Kid, has migrated to his own label, Birds That Fly Records, releasing a debut track by the same name earlier today.

With notably excellent panning, overwhelming soundscapes, and the emotional vibes we’ve come to love and expect from Kidnap Kid, “Birds That Fly” is a resounding first effort for the new label. Needless to say we’re pumped to see what else is in store.

Stay tuned and get lost in the latest from Kidnap Kid below.


Gallant – Skipping Stones feat. Jhené Aiko



Mmmmm, Valentine’s Day is approaching. Can’t say that I’m a particularly big fan of the holiday (except for the fact that it gives me an excuse to post my favorite love songs), but if it means we get releases like Gallant’s “Skipping Stones”, then I guess I’m on board.

As Gallant told The FADER,  “Skipping Stones” is ‘for the lonely one’s this Valentine’s Day’. After one listen it’s pretty easy to see why.

Gallant delivers a piercing falsetto performance, Jhené Aiko adds a gentle, airy verse, and the two go back and forth in their pain and longing, only coming together to show us what true harmony sounds like on the chorus.

With the unanswered question  ‘What am I missing?’ reverberating over the course of the track, “Skipping Stones” is the perfect piece of R&B/soul or anyone looking for answers this V-day.

Gallant = 👌👌👌


SG Lewis – Shivers (Delusion Remix)


German producer Delusion, who received a lot of attention and praise for his rework of Pham’s “Movements” a few months ago, is back with another great remix.

This time around, though, Delusion lays down a significantly different sound than the aforementioned, hip-hop-inspired “Movements”, taking SG Lewis’ “Shivers” and infusing it with smooth, trop-house vibes. Yes, dropping the word “trop” can be a turnoff these days, but Delusion’s sounds come across as refreshing and unique, helping him avoid the tired feel of Kygo, Thomas Jack, or one of their sound-alikes.

A cool piece of laid-back, electro-R&B, Delusion’s “Shivers” remix is the perfect cruise track to help you through this winter weather.

RÜFÜS/RÜFÜS DU SOL — Say a Prayer For Me (Official Video)


Just peeped the visuals for RÜFÜS’s “Say A Prayer For Me”.

The video finds the Australian group in the deep, dark woods enveloped by vibrant light displays reigning down from the heavens. The color schemes and effects are pretty cool, but this is primarily an excuse to share “Say A Prayer For Me” again.

RÜFÜS for life.

Flume feat. Vince Staples & Kucka – Smoke & Retribution


Hate playing catch up. A couple days of travel can throw off the flow, but the music doesn’t stop. Oh well, better to have things to post than not.

This one was hard to miss.

Flume, Vince Staples, and Kucka teamed up for a masterful blend of electronic, Hip-Hop, and R&B in “Smoke & Retribution”.

If you haven’t listened yet, now’s the time.

Kelela – Rewind feat. GoldLink (Louie Lastic Remix)


Another classic Louie Lastic and GoldLink hookup — this time on Kelela’s smooth R&B cut, “Rewind”.

Garage beat + jumpy synths + Kelela’s vocals + GoldLink’s fast-paced flow.

A tasty recipe.

Keep an eye on Kelela and Lastic, as they continue to generate steady buzz. As for GoldLink? He’s been our favorite rapper in the game for some time now, so yeah, follow him too.

Ben Phipps – Don’t Look Back feat. Ashe


Ben Phipps and Ashe team up for another fruitful collaboration in “Don’t Look Back”.

The two made waves a couple months back with the infectious, “Sleep Alone” and are already enjoying repeat success with their latest release.   dance-ready framework, soft vocals, and upbeat synths, “Don’t Look Back” is a classic bit feel-good electronic pop.

A dance-ready framework, soft vocals, and upbeat synths make “Don’t Look Back” a classic bit of feel-good electronic pop.

Grab a free copy here and get grooving.


Chirp, Chirp